NUMBER OF STUDENTS: 8/11 – absent students: Matej, Norika, Rachel
MAIN TOPIC: Subject/Object questions, word formation, Ed/Ing adjectives, confusable words
MATERIALS USED: Laser B2 p.8,9
HOMEWORK:  make 3 columns – p.9 ex1 – 1st column will be a verb, eg BORE, 2nd column will be ED adj, ie. BORED, 3rd column ING adj., ie BORING. Then use them in the sentences. Ex 3 – word formation table – copy into your notepads. Next, write down a list of confusable words (eg. get annoyed…), word patterns from ex 6 (eg. help with…). Once you´ve done that I need you to send a photo of it into the private chat by Tuesday 12 noon.

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