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Mgr. Eva Neupaverová

Skupina: IE3a

E-mail: neupaverova.eva@gmail.com






Full name: Eva Neupaverová

Place of birth: Liptovský Mikuláš

How would you describe your age? middle aged

What did you do originally before starting teaching English? I was a guide in a cave

YearsatSpeakUp: half of a year

What´s your best quality? That´s the question for people around me 🙂

What makes you laugh? some jokes and my friends

What do you dream about the most often? Two years holiday

Why are you a teacher? I don´t know, because I wanted to be a shop assistent

What do you regularly do for the planet Earth? separate the waste

What´s your earliest memory? I don´t remember 🙂

Which sport would you never do? Why? None… I used to try everything…

What´s your favourite hobby or free time activity? reading books

How many times a day do you brush your teeth? two, sometimes three

What´s your favourite meal? I don´t prefer any meal

Which film are you able to watch over and over? Tri oriešky pre Popolušku

How often do you do any free-time physical activity? Which one? it depends on weather… on my free time … sometimes once a week, sometimes two, three… and sometimes no physical activity during the week … activities are different: cycling, skiing, hike walking, fitness…

What  would you like to do every day? sleep a lot, because I used to sleep only for 5 hours a day and it seems to be not enough

How many books do you read in a year? more than one or two hundred

English word you like the most:

What do you spend your money the most on? my children

Your favourite fruit: may be a water-melon

Your favourite quotation: Be or not to be? That´s the question!


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