Učím, pretože ma to baví. Angličtinu učím, pretože ju mám rada. A učiť ju deti je úžasné, hlavne ak vidíte, že majú zo svojho pokroku radosť. 

RNDr. Jana Tužáková

E-mail: jtuzakova@gmail.com



Full name:     Jana Tužáková          

Place of birth:          Poprad

How would you describe your age?     age-appropriate

What did you do originally before starting teaching English?    I was a teacher, but not an English teacher.

Years at SpeakUp: Almost as long as my boss Danka.

What´s your best quality?  I love children.

What makes you laugh? Louis de Funés´ films.

What do you dream about the most often? Living somewhere in the nature and  taking care of animals in need.

Why are you a teacher? Since my childhood I was marking my books with a red pen on each side. And so my two loves, books and teaching, gradually developed.

What do you regularly do for the planet Earth? I always turn the tap off when I am brushing my teeth.

What´s your earliest memory?   My bruised knees during the way from the church. I loved walking on curbs.

Which sport would you never do? Why?  Don´t know. I haven´t tried them all.

What´s your favourite hobby or free time activity? Reading books and walking in the nature.

How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Two or three times a day

What´s your favourite meal?   Halušky 

Which film are you able to watch over and over? The secret life of Walter Mitty

How often do you do any free-time physical activity? Which one?            

Walking with my dog, two or three times a day

What would you like to do every day?  Have a good nap.

How many books do you read during one year?    Hmmm, a lot.

English word you like the most.  Incredible, …I like how it sounds.

What do you spend your money the most on? Books, I think.

Your favourite fruit:  Banana, every day if it´s  possible.

Your favourite quotation:  There are far, far better things ahead than   

any we leave behind.  C.S. Lewis

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