I’m diligent, modest, patient and slow to anger.

I believe that every child deserves an education irrespective of their colour. They should be receiving an education that will empower them for the future and equip them to break the cycle of poverty. (Nataly Langley Balážová)



Nataly teaches  CONVARSATION CLASSES on all levels







Full name: Nataly Geraldine Balážová

Place of birth: South Africa, Cape Town

How would you describe your age? Middle Age: That time when you finally get your head together then your BODY STARTS FALLING APART!

What did you do originally before starting teaching English? I was an au-pair in  Germany. Took care of very busy twin toddlers and taught them English too.

Years at SpeakUp: Since 2004 with maternity brakes and living overseas.

What´s your best quality? I would say being honest, trustworthy, compassionate and adaptable.

What makes you laugh? My second eldest sister. She’s so hilarious!

What do you dream about the most often? To travel more. Life is too short.

Why are you a teacher? I love working with children because they are a blessing from God.

What do you regularly do for the planet Earth? Throw my trash into the bin. Don’t litter!

What´s your earliest memory? Visiting my crazy big family in SA.

Which sport would you never do? Why? I would never do mountaineering because I’m afraid of hights.

What´s your favourite hobby or free time activity? Taking walks or bicycling

How many times a day do you brush your teeth? Mostly twice a day but sometimes 3 times a day.

What´s your favourite meal? I haven’t got a favourite meal. I like meals that are done in a jiffy.

Which film are you able to watch over and over? „Ghost“starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore

How often do you do any free-time physical activity? Which one? I try my best to do stretching workout every second day.

What would you like to do every day? Sing Opera

How many books do you read during one year? Hard to say. I guess 5?

English word you like the most: Have more than one. Happy, Beautiful and Wonderful

What do you spend your money the most on? Obviously food then clothing

Your favourite fruit: I like all fruit.

Your favourite quotation: I often say to my teenage son, „Choose Your Friends Wisely“