ZuzanaMgr. Zuzana Hudáčová – mamina štyroch detí a učiteľka mnohých tínedžerov. Vyštudovaná pedagogička s dlhoročnými skúsenosťami z praktickej výučby rôznych úrovní anglického jazyka u nás aj v zahraničí – inými slovami, učí srdcom a to, čo sa naučila vo svete, rozdáva ďalej v našej škole.

Pre Zuzanu Hudáčovú je najlepšou odmenou úspech jej študentov, najmä na medzinárodných skúškach. Má rada výzvy a zvedavé otázky, rozhovory o životných pravdách a hľadaniach – samozrejme v angličtine.

V školskom roku 2019/2020 si vyslúžila skupiny L3a a L5

Zuzana´s e-mail: gadgetka@gmail.com




 Full name: Zuzana Hudáčová

Place of birth: Levoča – my mom promised I was not born in the Psychiatrics Department but who knows …

How would you describe your age? I am at the peak of my maturity – as of today

What did you do originally before starting teaching English? I studied English – obviously

Years at SpeakUp: Since 2005 – with some mama duties breaks

What´s your best quality? I like challenges

What makes you laugh? Seeing others laugh … I am also very ticklish

What do you dream about the most often? Future … And food

Why are you a teacher? Because that is what I was born for – to learn by teaching others

What do you reguraly do for the planet Earth? I don’t kill any animals – not even a mosquito … and I don’t eat them either

What´s your earliest memory? A big  box of toys in an empty room

Which sport would you never do? Why? Curling – no sweating

What´s your favourite hobby or free time activity? Being in silence and listening to birds … and anything that is related to craftwork

How many times a day do you brush your teeth? One … two … three … Depending on  whether I have a date that day

What´s your favourite meal? Halusky – of course

Which film are you able to watch again and again? Ice Age – perfect depression killer

How often do you do any free-time physical activity? Which one? Every day: push-ups, abs crunches, squats – anything that allows my small daughter to sit or jump on me

What would you like to do every day? Paint and dance and sing out loud somewhere in the meadow

How many books do you read in one year? About 6 … plus many good blogs

English word you like the most: Perpetual

What do you spend your money the most on? Shoes – no, no. Good food.

Your favourite fruit: Bananas – always in plural

Your favourite quotation: Love more. Feel more. Enjoy more so that you can feed your heart.