Skupina IE1ss – Ut, Štv: 13,10-14,10

N – 19/09/23 – Tuesday – SELF-PORTRAIT: Hello, I’m Nicole. We sang the Happy School song on the carpet and played a game with their drawings few times, they liked it + BOYS AND GIRLS.

N – 21/09/23 – Thursday – We revised the sentences, Hello, I’m…, Then they learned a new sentence: I’m a girl/boy. We sang and played games with both papers on the carpet (they liked it) :), BOYS/GIRLS.

N – 03/10/23 – Tuesday – alphabet book: pp.4-5 are done, they still have to do the last exercise on p.5 (the game), they listened and sang the alphabet song. SONG – Phonics 2 alphabet song

N – 05/10/23 – Thursday – I worked with alphabet cards, on the carpet they past on to each other every alphabet letter and repeated the sound of the letter, they listened and sang the alphabet song (Phonics 2) then I asked each child to write a capital letter on the green board, they liked this activity 🙂 You have to continue with pp. 6-7. I left you the copies in our happy school box.

D – 10/10/23 – Tuesday – songs, games with alphabet – letters to „R“

D – 12/10/23 – Thursday – songs, games with alphabet… you can continue with the next pages – 8+9+10 – you do not need copies but take Alphabet books from the office…  

N – 17/10/23 – Tuesday – alphabet song, pp. 8-9 are done, I asked them „what starts with A,B,C…“ etc.  BOYS/GIRLS

N – 19/10/23 – Thursday – alphabet song, p.10 is done, what starts with A,B,C…etc., I gave them some extra material to do: Trace the alphabet & match the big letter with the small letter, Racing Alphabet Game. You can continue with pp. 11-12…

D – 24/10/23 – Tuesday – groups of letters SH / CH / PH – song: DigraphsAlphabet book p. 11

D – 26/10/23 – Thursday – similar letters – Alphabet book p. 12

D – 02/11/23 – Thursday – Alphabet book p. 13… you can finish last 2 pages from Alphabet book and you can start working with „big books“ – I will send you a list of students who have already had their books paid… if there is sb who hasn´t had paid yet, he/she will work with a friend – you do not need make copies… 

N – 07/11/23 – Tuesday – Alphabet song, game, Alphabet book p.14.

N – 09/11/23 – Thursday – Alphabet song, alphabet book p.15 is done, it took them quite long to do this exercise, I only did CB p.3 briefly because we didn’t have much time, I worked from the white board, their names still need to be written in their books. You gave me a list with 16 children but, on the register are 18 children so dont forget to take 2 extra CB’s + AB’s with on Tuesday. Go through CB p.3  again with them please.

D – 14/11/23 – Tuesday – Introduction to new books + Introducing new book friends – CB p. 3

D – 16/11/23 – Thursday – working with AB 2/1 and 3/2… you can continue there with 3/3 – begin firstly with 3/2 – what colour is Poppy´s /Fred´s bag… then ask them: What colour´s your bag?… draw it… then you can continue with Story in the CB 

N – 21/11/23 – Tuesday – Revision characters flashcards, GAME: Uncovering a card, I asked children what colour the characters school bags were and their bags too , AB p.3 is done – draw your bag, CB pp.4-5 story – children predicted from visual clues, listened to the story, found details in a picture and practised story language (What’s your name? I’m (name), tap,tap,tap… clap,clap,clap…)

N – 23/11/23 – Thursday – Reviewed characters + colours, CB p.6 is done – become familiar with new colour vocabulary, they were practicing with each other asking and answering questions: What’s your name? I’m (name), My favourite colour is …, AB p.4 is done – listen and trace the pictures. You should continue AB pp.5-6 & CB p.7 song.

D – 28/11/23 – Tuesday – I´m – revision… then colours – AB  5/1,2

D – 30/11/23 – Thursday – Numbers & Colours – AB 6 + 7 … you can continue with shapes: CB pp. 8+9 / AB 8 and then 9…